How to Use

Direction For Use

The Ultimate Protection That You Need

Oxidat offers a complete solution from hand sanitation, surface disinfection to protection from airborne diseases, and also helps with odour removal. Here are some examples on how you can use it.

Guaranteed to work just as effective with our non-toxic ingredient, that instantly:
  • Kills harmful bacteria & viruses
  • Removes unpleasant smell
  • Reduces risk of kids getting HFMD, H3N2, H1N1, Influenza, etc
  • Reduces risk of falling sick from work place / travelling
  • Reduces risk of skin allergies flaring up (e.g. eczema)
  • Keeps sick patients (in-house or hospital) safe from
  • cross-contamination from airborne diseases
  • Keeps fruits & vegetables clean & fresh (last a little longer)